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    Best Massage ever!

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    The entire shop is cozy. Reminds me of home. And I have sent many people here to get facial.
    I had today a two hour facial which includes an upper body massage and stages of a well detailed facial. She got rid of what needed to go and she pampered and took great care of my skin and body! She's is lovely to speak with and I even got some samples for my dry skin!!
    Very pleased would by this for many people as a gift!

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    The facial I got here was like no other facial I have ever gotten - I was so pleasantly surprised. I was expecting the usual chemical odor and burn of the typical products that are used in most skin care places, even so-called "natural" products. Instead I was surrounded by lovely fragrances of flowers and fruits and my skin felt wonderfully rejuvenated. She also does the most extensive massage during the facial which only enhanced the uniquely relaxing experience.

    At the end of my treatment Mariola (owner and skin care expert) explained that her products are truly all organic. She introduced me to the line she uses, Eminence Organic Skin Care. She never once implied that I had to purchase anything, she just explained how the products are different, and that even though they are pricey they last a long time because of how rich they are. This has indeed proven to be true - I bought a skin cleanser and facial moisturizer 3 months ago, both of which I use once a day, and I still have more than half of each product left to use.

    I plan to go back every month if I can. My skin has never been this healthy!

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    This place is a precious little gem. It's an one woman shop run by a lady named Mariola. She really takes care of you from beginning to end, every detail, every question, every concern. I went to get a facial with Mariola in December last year, and within the first 15 minutes of the facial, I knew she was an absolute expert. She not only does a thorough facial (including a really careful and determined approach to extractions), she also gives you a facial massage, primarily focusing on your facial muscle. Another reason I like about her spa is that she uses Eminence products, which is an organic line that is offered in limited spas (I believe only 3 spas in Boston offer this line). When I went home after the facial, my husband could tell the difference on my face immediately.

    I had to move to DC shortly after December, and haven't been able to find an expert like her in DC. When I returned to Boston to visit in June, I booked another appointment with her. She took such a good care of me that our session ran longer than expected. She offered to feed my parking meter because she didn't want to rush our session. I've never experienced such superb client service before, truly above and beyond.

    Mariola is an honest and genuine person. She could tell my job is stressful based on the condition of my skin and my lips, and she advised me multiple times that I really need to take care of myself. It's too bad that I live in DC and can't go to her regularly. I will definitely return to her spa when I go home to visit again.

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    Mariola provides an amazing facial! I highly recommend a visit. In my previous experience, facials only consisted of product application, about 10 minutes of massage, and a few minutes of extraction. Mariola's facials are completely different. The facial lasts two full hours. She uses organic products. She does the most thorough extraction I have ever experienced. Throughout the whole facial (when she is not applying a product or extracting), she is massaging your face, shoulders, and back. That means that the massage lasts almost the whole time! She does all this for only $80 for your first visit. The price is unbelievable. It is well worth that and more!

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    Update - on my first review which was removed by Yelp because they say I haven't reviewed enough places - well, if you keep REMOVING my review, how does that help???

    Anyway, saw Mariola again for a facial and also waxing. I have the type of skin that usually requires me slapping ice packs on my face for an hour after a wax job - but not this time. Whatever product it is that Mariola uses, I had absolutely no adverse skin reaction!! First time and I could hardly believe it. Will be making another point really soon!

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    I couldn't agree more with these reviews. This facial was like NOTHING I have ever experienced before. I thought I was getting a good facial until I came to 365 Organic. I highly recommend you start with the new client special. Make sure you book out enough time because she really doesn't skimp.. and I mean that! I was there for over two hours! Not only did I get the best facial ever, it was coupled with an upper body massage. If you are looking to get pampered and heal your skin, I honestly can't recommend her highly enough- A+!

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    Since seeing Mariola for facials and skincare my skin has drastically improved.
    She is knowledgable and skilled , and she has a great touch. The location is perfect and there is always parking in the neighborhood. The shop is warm and welcoming and so is Mariola.

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    You may think you've had a good facial before, like you've seen your pores CLEAN, or clear. Not until you've seen Mariola.

    Truthfully, I thought I'd experienced this elsewhere before too. Nope. Wrong. That fancy place downtown? They didn't get your face looking like this.

    My sister gave me the gift of a facial for my birthday and I cannot wait to go back to see Mariola. I've never had this good or painless an experience with extractions.

    Do yourself a favor. Go see her. Zero regrets.

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    Well, color me surprised! I've had a couple of facials before, and have only had one good one. Mariola's blew it out of the park!

    First, the shop is adorable. It's in a little building with several little shops inside. Mariola has decorated with her products, mainly dried herbs and clays in jars on the wall. She also had the perfect playlist for me. It wasn't the typical "spa sounds," but rather familiar songs that are calming.

    Second, I've never felt so pampered and I've been to my fair share of up-scale massage places. The room felt homey, in a clean, fresh, natural way. The massage table was comfy and warm. The lights were dimmed and it just had a great ambiance. Additionally, Mariola spent over two hours working on my face, neck, and shoulders. I could feel her untangling the knots and felt refreshed leaving (at 9PM).

    Third, the results. I've always had pretty good skin, but she taught me even more. She gives very individualized care, and I could tell how passionate she was about her profession. Mariola informed me of what she was doing and let me know if a product was going to sting before applying it--nothing worse than not being told your skin is going to burn when using a product (has happened before). I'm confident that my skin is going to be better than ever with Mariola's guidance.

    After finishing the appointment I decided I needed to give her service as a gift to my mother for her 60th birthday. Mariola insisted on making it a cute presentation and I couldn't be more grateful... She was way craftier than I would be. She attached some elegant flowers to the card and gave to me. I can't wait to hear how much my mom enjoys it.

    Highly recommend. You won't regret. And the price is incredible. Go.